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why is jacob so adorkable?!?

babbyyy <33

Holy fetus


Seems like it was just yesterday

Tay….whats going on….

He better not be giving false hope again

"just thinking of your laughter gives me courage"

(To those who thinks the video is ok) The video is horrible is bc it's sexual harassment. He did not have permission to touch those women like that. Just bc they were laughing doesn't mean they weren't uncomfortable. They were giving off body language showing they were uncomfortable. Just bc it's sam pepper doesn't mean it is ok. What if it happened to you by some random guy, I guarantee you wouldn't be ok with it but not everyone is going to yell at him for it so they laughed to play it off


Why is this being brought to my blog though he’s not magcon related 😂

the girls who were in the video were laughing when they saw it was him.


I just watched it and idk it’s not horrifically bad but it’s not good either if that makes sense

what happened in sam peppers vid?


I think he made a ‘prank’ video where he goes out in public and pinches girls’ butts with a fake hand or something

I know this isn't magcon related but sam peppers new video is completely disgusting and I have no respect for him at all anymore


I’ve been seeing posts on here about it so I need to go look around Twitter and see what happened

Jacob is A on pretty little liars!!!