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What was the whole "Bart" drama?


The guys said he was promising them things that they weren’t getting & that he was basically all about the money but I know there’s more to the story that I guess we’ll never find out about


honestly, I gained so much more respect for Taylor in his video. he’s finally in a place that makes him happy and not depressed. He tries so hard to make us happy and now he’s going around in a tour bus for months by himself, doing free meet and greets around America. all for us. That is something so great and it shows how much he cares for us.

Petition to leak Jack Gilinsky’s nudes




Jacob’s coming near me 7 times on his east coast tour in November & my birthday is November 24th so I was telling my mom about tickets and she says

"What do you get for $100? You better be leaving with some of his DNA for $100"


can I be you, I want to see Jacob again D:

Oh my gosh where are you seeing him? Because same and my birthday is November 26th!

I’m not sure yet 😩 I live in NJ so either the NJ one or his birthday one in NY which I really wanna go to plus it’s closer